Pacific Teaching Staff

Kaho, Helena

Helena Kaho (LLM, BA/LLB(Hons) is of Tongan and New Zealand European descent. She is the first Pacific Islander to become a law school academic. She currently teaches Law 121G (Law and Society), Law 428 (South Pacific Legal Studies) and Law 446 (Pacific People in Aotearoa: Legal Peripheries).


Office:Building 810, Level 7 room 701

Pacific Teaching Fellows

Pacfic Teaching Staff
L-R: Lecturer Helena Kaho, Lotu Fuli and Dylan Asafo

In 2017 the Faculty appointed two new teaching fellow positions (susuga faiako) to Lotu Fuli and Dylan Asafo (pictured).

Both Lotu and Dylan are recent graduates of Auckland Law school where they were both outstanding students and tutors for the PASS programme. Within their susuga faiako roles, Dylan and Lotu assisted Helena Kaho in teaching components for the LAWGENRL 453 course whilst undertaking their own research and post-graduate study.


Dylan Asafo

Lotu Fuli