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  • t-justice mandamin
    Introducing Indigenous Law into Federal Court Practice in Canada Event as iCalendar
    04 May 2017, 5 - 6pm
    The Honourable Leonard S. Mandamin will speak on the introduction of Indigenous law into Federal Court Practice in Canada.
  • t-tax image
    The future of tax: The profession and tax policy (Faculty of Law events, New Zealand Centre for Law and Business, Seminars) Event as iCalendar
    11 May 2017, 4 - 6pm
    What is the future for professionals, advisors, and tax officials? And how is our tax system going to respond to changing demographic and societal demands? This symposium looks at both isses and raises an opportunity to discuss how the future looks.
  • This is not an event (/content/law/en/about/events-1/events/events-2017/2017/05/The-Changing-Landscape-of-Corporate-Law)

  • t-crowdfunding
    Equity Crowdfunding (Faculty of Law events, New Zealand Centre for Law and Business, Symposia) Event as iCalendar
    15 June 2017, 2 - 5:30pm
    Equity Crowdfunding is a dynamic new development in investing, allowing broad groups of investors to fund start-up companies and small businesses in return for equity stakes. What is the New Zealand experience? Are we fully aware of the opportunities and risks?