Faculty of Law

John Ip


Senior Lecturer

Assistant Associate Dean

BA, LLB (Hons), LLM (Columbia)

Contact details
Building 803, room 2.06
17 Eden Crescent

Phone: +64 9 923 2387
Email: j.ip@auckland.ac.nz

Available to students
open door policy or by appointment

See John's scholarly papers on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) website


John joined the University of Auckland Faculty of Law in 2005. Prior to this, he worked on Guantánamo Bay and death penalty litigation at an NGO in the United States, and was a Judges' Clerk at the Auckland High Court. John is a graduate of the University of Auckland and Columbia University Law School.

Research Interests


  • Counterterrorism and constitutionalism
  • Comparative counterterrorism law
  • Public and constitutional law

Special Interests

John’s research focuses on counterterrorism and constitutionalism, and comparative approaches to legal issues arising out of post-9/11 counterterrorism.

Courses Taught

  • LAW 121 — Law and Society
  • LAW 211 — Public Law
  • LAWPUBL 451 — Counterterrorism Law and Policy



Recent thesis/dissertation supervision topics

  • Debating the use of torture
  • The preventive detention of terrorist suspects
  • The sanctions regime under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1267
  • Police discretion in The Wire
  • The legality of targeted killing
  • The Office of Legal Counsel's post-2002 torture memoranda


Recent Publications

  • “The Reform of Counterterrorism Stop and Search after Gillan v. United Kingdom” Human Rights Law Review (forthcoming).
  • “Sunset Clauses and Counterterrorism Legislation” [2013] Public Law 74.
  • “Al Rawi, Tariq, and the Future of Closed Material Procedures and Special Advocates” (2012) 75(4) Modern Law Review 606.
  • “Military Commissions and Discrimination Against Non-Citizens” in D Russell & C Russell (eds) The Psychology of Prejudice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Contemporary Issues (Nova, New York, 2012) 219.
  • “The Dark Knight’s War on Terrorism” (2011) 9(1) Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law 209.
  • “The Supreme Court and House of Lords in the War on Terror: Inter Arma Silent Leges?” (2010) 19(1) Michigan State Journal of International Law 1.
  • “What a Difference a Bill of Rights Makes? The Case of the Right to Protest in New Zealand” (2010) 24(2) New Zealand Universities Law Review 239.
  • “Suspicionless Searches and the Prevention of Terrorism”, in A Lynch, N McGarrity & G Williams (eds), Counterterrorism and Beyond (Routledge, Oxford, 2010) 88.
  • “How Do the Abuses of Civil Liberties Under the George W. Bush Administration Compare to the Internments of Japanese Aliens and Japanese-Americans During World War II?” Journal of the National Security Forum, (2010) 36(5)William Mitchell Law Review 5023.
  • “The adoption of the special advocate procedure in New Zealand’s Immigration Bill” [2009] New Zealand Law Review 207.
  • “Two Narratives of Torture” (2009) 7(1) Northwestern University Journal of International Human Rights 35.
  • “The Rise and Spread of the Special Advocate” [2008] Public Law 717.
  • “Crime, Criminal Justice and the Media” in J Tolmie & W Brookbanks (eds), Criminal Justice in New Zealand (Lexisnexis, Wellington, 2007) 389.
  • “Comparative Perspectives on the Detention of Terrorist Suspects” (2007) 16(3) Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems 773.

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