Why the Auckland Law School?

We offer a comprehensive legal education that equips graduates for a wide range of vocations.

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Welcome to the Auckland Law School

The strength of any law school lies in the calibre of its staff and students, the resources of its library, and the support it gets from the profession and alumni. The Auckland Law School is very fortunate on every score. Our academic staff produces world-class research, the Davis Law Library has New Zealand’s most extensive collection of legal research materials, and we have higher entry standards for our degrees than any other New Zealand law school, meaning that our graduates are highly sought after. Our students epitomise Auckland’s philosophy of academic rigour coupled with enthusiasm for the law. Auckland students have won the national mooting championships seven of the last eight years. We have one of the most active and successful law student societies in the country.

From the Law Revue to student competitions, from social and sports events to seminars and workshops, there are countless opportunities to participate, meet other law students and forge life-long friendships. Situated in the heart of the legal precinct, the Auckland Law School has strong links to the legal profession and judiciary. The School provides a complete legal education, preparing students for legal practice as well as many other careers in an internationalised world.



Professor Andrew Stockley
Dean of Law


Why study with us?

Law at Auckland is challenging, exciting and taught by some of the best-known legal scholars in the country. We teach students how to think critically, how to analyse and to persuade by logical argument. The Auckland Law School:

  • Is the top-ranked law school in New Zealand and one of the best law schools in the world.*
  • Provides small group teaching at all levels and offers the largest range of undergraduate courses of any of the New Zealand law schools.
  • Has the highest entry standards for second year law, meaning graduates are highly sought after.
  • Allows you to combine your law degree with a wide range of conjoint programmes (in arts, commerce, engineering, health sciences, property or science).
  • Has outstanding facilities including the Davis Law Library, New Zealand’s leading legal research library.
  • Is situated in the heart of the legal precinct, next to the High Court and the nation’s leading law firms.
  • Offers an extensive study abroad programme, assisting students spend a semester overseas at another top law school.
  • Provides a wealth of opportunities for top students, including being able to work on the Auckland Law Review, take part in the Equal Justice programme, and participate in mooting, sentencing advocacy and many other competitions.
  • Has very active and supportive Mäori and Pacific Island law student societies and programmes.



Where can the LLB take you?

Auckland law graduates are highly sought after. In any given year, about half our graduates take up positions in New Zealand law firms, while the other half begin their careers in other professional organisations. These include accounting and consulting firms; business and industry; national and local government; teaching, research and journalism; international, environmental and other non-government organisations.

Our graduates can be found practising law in New Zealand and worldwide - many of our former students work for leading law firms in London, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places.

Some of our top students go on to study for the LLM and PhD degrees. The Auckland Law School offers the most extensive postgraduate programme in the country. Our students regularly win scholarships and prizes to continue their studies overseas. Some of last year’s graduates are now pursuing higher degrees at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale and Columbia, among other top overseas universities.

Our Careers Centre can assist you with career planning and job searching throughout your studies. Special assistance is available to law students through workshops, seminars and a drop-in service at the Faculty of Law.

A full list of services is available at www.auckland.ac.nz/careers



Becoming a barrister and solicitor

After completing the LLB degree, if you wish to be admitted as a barrister and solicitor, you must complete a three-month Professional Legal Studies course.


Some quick facts about the Auckland Law School

  • In the third and fourth year of the LLB, Part III and IV students have over 50 elective courses from which to choose (including some taught in the January/February summer school semester) - the largest range of any New Zealand law school.
  • Although there isn't any requirement to major within the LLB degree students may choose to specialise in a particular area of interest, or if they would prefer, to choose from a wide range of different areas to cover a range of topics.
  • There is a growing array of electives with an international focus: these include Aviation Law, International Human Rights, International Law, Law and IT, Financial Markets Law, Global Environmental Law, Immigration and Refugee Law, International Criminal Law, International Disputes Settlement and International Trade Law.
  • More than 90% of LLB students qualify with two degrees, either because they enter law school as graduates (15%) or because they undertake conjoint bachelors degrees (75%). Conjoint combinations are BA/LLB, BCom/LLB, BE(Hons)/LLB, BHSc/LLB, BProp/LLB, BSc/LLB.

What our students say

“I came to The University of Auckland because of its reputation as having New Zealand’s best law school and also because it offered a Bachelor of Property. The opportunities the BProp/LLB (Hons) degrees have given me are second to none.

I chose to do a Property and Law because I wanted to work in the professional side of property development. I enjoyed both practical and theory based work and wanted to have a degree that incorporated pure academia, commerce and practical knowledge.

The opportunity to undertake honours in the law school only added to my experience. The honours degree gives you a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the law.

Outside of academia The University of Auckland offers a great range of activities and opportunities. My time here will never be forgotten and has left me with outstanding career opportunities"

Sam Greenwood completed a BProp/LLB (Hons).

Our students have many different research interests, and follow varied and exciting career paths after graduation.

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