LLB Part II Admission and Enrolment

To apply and enrol in a programme follow the steps below.

Apply for Admission

If you are applying to the University of Auckland for the first time, or if it has been more than a year since you last studied here, you can apply for a place in the LLB Part II programme(s) by filling in the online application form.  Please read 'How to apply for admission' before you begin.

If you were enrolled in LLB Part I at the University of Auckland in 2016 or prior, and wish to apply for LLB Part II, you can sign into Student Services Online and click Change My Programme – the last link under the Quick Links on the left.

Complete the online application form:

Programme Type: Bachelors
Programme Name:
Eg, Bachelor of Laws, or Conjoint BA/LLB etc
Academic Plan/Specialisation:

Law (specialisation)

*If you are applying for conjoint, you still need to select Law as one of your specialisations for the conjoint


Starting Term: 2018 First Semester
Campus: City

Please make sure you click Submit application at the end.  Your applications summary page should appear with a green message box indicating “Application successfully submitted”.

Remember to submit your online application no later than 1 December.

LLB Part II applicants who wish to be considered under the Undergraduate Targeted Admission Schemes (UTAS) for Maori applicants, Pacific applicants, applicants with disabilities, applicants from refugee backgrounds, applicants from low socio-economic backgrounds or applicants who have suffered unforeseen hardship must apply in the first instance on SSO as above by 1 December.

The Law School requires further supplementary information from students applying under the UTAS for Maori applicants, Pacific applicants, applicants with disabilities, applicants from refugee backgrounds or applicants who have suffered unforeseen hardship.  The supplementary application forms are available on the Law School website (see Law School UTAS supplementary information) as well as from the Law School Student Centre. It is important to complete the relevant questionnaire and return it to the Law School Student Centre by the due date specified on the form.  You may subsequently be required to attend an interview. Please ensure your contact address and telephone number are up-to-date on Student Services Online.

You can check the status of your application by signing into your Application for Admission. Please see How to check your application status.

Offers of places for LLB Part II are usually notified around the end of December. If you have not heard by early February you should contact the Faculty of Law.

There are a limited number of places in the LLB Part II programme. If you do not accept your position in the programme by the date specified on the Offer of Place letter, we can NOT guarantee you a place in the programme.  Please see How to accept or decline an offer of place.

If you are unable to access the Student Services Online (SSO) website, please call 0800 61 62 63, or visit the AskAuckland: Ground Floor, Alfred Nathan House, City Campus.

For more help, please see Application for Admission.


Enrol in Classes

If you have not completed any Part II Law courses, or if you are a new student to the university, you cannot enrol until you have applied for admission to the LLB Part II programme, have been offered a place and have accepted the offer.

If you are already in the LLB Part II programme as a returning student, you can enrol in your remaining Law Part II courses through SSO from the Monday of the first week of November for the following academic year.

Although you have been admitted to or are returning to the LLB Part II programme, the faculty has limitations on enrolments in many of its courses and does not guarantee you a place in the stream or classes of your choice. Enrol as early as you can to avoid disappointment.

Using your login and password, enrol in your courses via Student Services Online.  You can find out how to read your programme requirements report, view course information and start enrolling in a course through How to view your programme requirements.

For Law School course offerings and timetable information, please see Timetables.

When you have enrolled successfully you can create a statement of fees, which you need to pay by the date indicated.

For more help, please see Enrolment.


Adding and Deleting Courses

To view the deadlines for changing your enrolment, see Deadlines for changing your enrolment.

The deadline for adding or deleting summer school courses without penalty is 7 days inclusive from the start of Summer School.

The deadline for semester-long courses is the second Friday of semester.  The deadline for double-semester year-long courses is the fourth Friday of the first semester for the course.

After these deadlines, subject to availability of places in a course, a late enrolment may be accepted upon payment of a late enrolment fee of $120.00 (incl. GST) per course. The Course Alteration Form (AS-70) is available on the Forms for Students or from the Law School Student Centre. Please submit the completed form to the Law School Student Centre for approval.  The late enrolment fee will be added to your student account via Student Services Online.  It’s important that you pay your late fee and tuition fees without delay.

After these deadlines, if you wish to cease attendance in a course, you may apply to withdraw from the course. Application must be made on the Course Alteration Form (AS-70) available as above. The deadline for withdrawing from summer school courses is 1 week before the end of lectures. The deadline for withdrawing from semester-long courses is 3 weeks before the end of the lectures.  The deadline for withdrawing from double-semester courses (A & B) is 3 weeks before the end of lectures in the second semester of the course. The course will remain on your academic record and show as a withdrawal. Tuition fees are not refundable in the case of "withdrawals".


Help and Advice

AskAuckland is your online help and support centre where you can find answers to the most common questions about the University of Auckland, including admission and enrolment. Visit AskAuckland now.

Alternatively you can get in touch with one of our Faculty of Law Advisers.


Dates to Remember

Closing date for LLB Part II online applications for admission in Semester One:
1 December 
Due date for LLB Part II UTAS supplementary application forms:
5 December