Admission and enrolment

To apply for admission to the University and enrol in a programme follow the steps below.

Enquire about the Auckland Law School
Enrol in your papers at Auckland Law School
Apply for the Auckland Law School
Accept your place at Auckland Law School
Submit your application to Auckland Law School
Review your offer from Auckland Law School


Contact the University on:
Phone: +64 9 923 1973

Apply for a place in a programme(s)

If you are applying for LLB Part I, you need to apply for Law and another bachelors degree (relevant to your non-law courses). If you are applying for a conjoint programme you should make a conjoint application in addition to applying for the two individual degrees.

Submit your supporting documents

You will receive an acknowledgement email asking you to provide specific certified documents.

We’ll also send you a Student ID number. You can use this to sign into your Application for Admission, check your application status and see the documentation you need to provide.

We’ll then assess your application.

Please be aware that documents can take three to four weeks to be processed during peak admission periods.

Offer of place

If your application is successful, we’ll email you an offer of place. This normally happens from mid-January.

You can check the status of your Application for Admission at any time by signing in using your Student ID and password.

You may receive a conditional offer but final approval will be dependent on fulfilment of the conditions of admission to BOTH the University and the programme.

Accept your offer of place

Accept or decline your offer of a place in the programme online.

Remember - you still need to enrol in courses.

Already enrolled?

If you were enrolled at The University of Auckland in 2014 and you wish to apply for LLB Part I or LLB Part II you need to complete an Application for Admission.

University Targeted Admission Schemes

If you are a student who was not enrolled at The University of Auckland in 2014 but would like to apply through the University Targeted Admission Schemes (UTAS) you should:

If you are returning to The University of Auckland and you wish to apply for entry into LLB Part II through the University Targeted Admission Schemes (UTAS) you should:

Targeted admission applies to:
  • Māori applicants.
  • Pacific applicants.
  • Applicants with disabilities.
  • School leaver applicants* from a decile 1, 2 or 3 school.
  • Applicants who have themselves or whose parents/primary guardian(s) have been granted refuge in New Zealand.

Dates to Remember

Academic year 2018

Summer School - 4 Jan to 14 Feb 2018
Semester One - 26 February to 25 June 2018
Semester Two - 16 Jul to 12 Nov 2018

Request more information

If you would like more information sent to you about any specific programme or area of study featured in this prospectus

Or contact:

Student Adviser (Undergraduate)
Law Student Centre, Level 2, Building 810
Phone: +64 0800 61 62 63