Auckland Law School LLM Awards

Closing date: Late 2017
Value of awards: Up to NZ$25,000 for a student paying international fees and up to NZ$15,000 for a student paying domestic fees.
No. of awards: Up to two
Tenure: One year

Up to two Faculty of Law LLM Awards will be awarded for 2018 to encourage and support academically outstanding students to undertake a LLM degree at the Auckland Law School.

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The awards are intended to cover at least half the recipients’ costs. A Faculty of Law LLM Award will be worth NZ$25,000 if awarded to a student paying international fees and will be worth NZ$15,000 for a student paying domestic fees.

How do students apply?

Application for the award shall be made in writing to The Dean’s Executive Assistant, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland 1142 (email: Applications should be submitted by 31 January 2018.

Applicants should include:

  • Copies of their official university transcripts including the grades of all courses completed. (Successful applicants will be required to provide paper copies of their transcripts before awards are confirmed.)
  • A CV, including the names and contact details of two academic referees.
  • A covering letter.

Selection procedure

All applicants with a GPA/ GPE of 6.00 and above (B+ average in their LLB degree) will be considered for the awards. The awards will be made by the Dean of the Faculty of Law (or nominee), upon the recommendation of a selection committee. The awards will be made on the basis of academic merit.

What conditions are attached to the awards?

The Award may not he held concurrently with another University of Auckland Masters/ Honours / PGDip Scholarship or any other award or grant unless the regulations for that award or grant permit this and The Dean of The Faculty of Law (or nominee) agrees.

Additional information

I. Students who have been offered an Award must meet all requirements for admission into The University of Auckland’s LLM degree in order to take up the Award offer.

II. Students are required to (a) enrol and begin their studies within 6 months of the date of offer for both domestic and international students (b) in exceptional circumstances, to have obtained approval from the Dean for a delayed commencement date. The latest possible date for enrolment is 15 July 2018.
III. The maximum number of additional and paid hours an international student may work in any given week is set by the Ministry of Immigration. As of 1 June 2011 this maximum was 20 hours per week.