Faculty of Law

Master of Laws (LLM)


The Master of Laws (LLM) is designed to provide an advanced level of study for both full-time students and those who are legal practitioners or engaged in other full- or part-time employment. With options for intensive courses and part or full semester courses, entry to the LLM is available throughout the year.

Students may concentrate their study in particular areas of specialisation, or study a broad range of legal subjects.

The LLM by research offers graduates the opportunity to conduct in-depth research in an area of personal interest to enhance future employment opportunities either professionally or academically.

Approval to undertake the degree by major thesis usually requires a GPE of 6.0 or higher, or an LLB(Hons) degree.

The LLM by coursework offers law graduates an opportunity to study areas in greater depth and complexity than within a undergraduate law degree, combining courses of sophistication and technical difficulty in terms of legal content with courses that contain relevant interdisciplinary subject matter and a focus on policy. Each course contains a significant research component, usually in the form of a 12,500 word research essay. The LLM also permits cross-disciplinary study in the form of one Masters course (30 points) from another faculty in the University of Auckland.

The LLM programme offers six specialisations: Commercial and Corporate Law, Public Law, Environmental Law, Human Rights Law, International Law, and Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

For further information please contact our Student Centre:

Postgraduate Student Advisor - Angela Vaai
Law Student Centre
Level 2, 1-11 Short St
Phone: 09 923 8180
Email: a.vaai@auckland.ac.nz

Faculty of Law LLM Awards

Up to two Faculty of Law LLM Awards will be awarded in 2015 to encourage and support academically outstanding students to undertake a Masters of Laws (LLM) degree at The Auckland Law School.

The awards are intended to cover at least half the recipients’ costs. A Faculty of Law LLM Award will be worth $25,000 if awarded to a student paying international fees and will be worth $15,000 for a student paying domestic fees.

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Postgraduate Certificate in Law (PGCertLaw)

The Postgraduate Certificate in Law (PGCertLaw) is effectively half of an LLM or MLS degree. You may opt for this programme if you have a limited amount of time, wish to fulfil your CPD requirement or you wish to do only a couple of particularly relevant courses for your employment.

For some students the PGCertLaw also serves as a pathway to the LLM or MLS degrees. Students who achieve a GPA of 5.0 or higher in their PGCertLaw courses may apply to transfer to the LLM or MLS degree, on the condition that they meet all the other entry requirements for the relevant degree.

Individual Courses (Certificate of Proficiency - COP)

Postgraduate law courses can be taken as individual courses for a Certificate of Proficiency (COP). Applicants must satisfy any prerequisite, co-requisite or other conditions of admission and enrolment.

Non Credit Enrolments (Auditing Courses)

Non Credit Enrolments allows the attendance of the course without the requirement to complete the assessment component.