Regulations, policies and guidelines

Find information to help you comply with the faculty’s guidelines including academic honesty, examination and coursework.

  • Academic honesty
    Cheating is viewed as a serious offence by The University of Auckland. Penalties are administered by the faculty and by the University's Discipline Committee, and may include a fine, suspension or expulsion from the University. For more detailed information follow the "Academic Honesty" link above.
  • Examination and coursework information
  • Recording of Lectures
  • Written work
    All written work, whether submitted for tutorials, opinions, research papers or dissertations must comply with the New Zealand Law Style Guide.
  • Legal research and writing requirements
  • Marks and grades
  • The University of Auckland Calendar
    The University of Auckland Calendar is a legal document outlining the statutory framework under which the University is empowered to operate. The calendar provides details of the University regulations and programmes together with general information about the University and its staff as well as the facilities and services which are available to staff and students.
  • Student Charter
  • University Charter
  • Teaching and Learning
    The University of Auckland is committed to providing quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes benchmarked to high international standards in an intellectually rich and diverse learning environment. Teaching and learning at the University is student-focused and research-based, and encourages academic excellence, enjoyment of learning, critical reasoning and inquiry.
    The University of Auckland has policies concerning the quality of all teaching and learning. The above link will take you to where you can view its teaching and learning policies.
  • Staff/Student Liaison Committee
    The Staff/Student Liaison Committee comprises all class representatives together with representatives from the academic staff. The committee is chaired by the Dean of Students and meets three times each semester to discuss matters relevant to the student body. The committee aims to facilitate greater communication between staff and students, and to identify and address areas of concern to both students and staff.