Contract, Torts, Equity and Private Law

From doctrinal analysis to policy debate to theoretical foundations, this faculty maintains its well-deserved reputation for scholarship on the law of private obligations.

Academic staff researchers and teachers

The following members of staff conduct teaching or research in the area of Contract, Torts, Equity and Private Law.

Academic staff research areas

The following members of staff conduct research and postgraduate supervision in the areas of Contract, Torts, Equity and Private Law:

Name Field of Research
Dawson, Francis
Contract, Equity, Legal History
Devonshire, Peter
Remedies, Obligations, Equity, Trusts
Elliffe, Craig International Tax, Tax Avoidance, Tax Reform
Grinlinton, David Land Law, Leases, Property Rights in Natural Resources, Mining and Energy Law, Sustainability and Environmental Law
Havelock, Rohan
Insurance Law, Equity and Equitable Remedies, Unjust Enrichment and Restitution, Private Law Taxonomy, Building and Construction Law
Khouri, Nina
Mediation Law and Practice, Evidence, Advocacy, Negotiation Theory, Civil Justice, Contract Law, Professional Negligence, Insurance Law
Manning, Joanna
Medical law, Policy and Ethics, Tort Law and Nelgigence, Accident Compensation
Noonan, Chris
International Competition Law, World Trade Organisation, Regional Economic Integration
Norton, Jane Constitutional Law and Legal theory, Discrimination Law, Religious Freedom, Freedom of expression, Freedom of association, Charitable trusts, Voluntary associations and unincorporated societies.
Penk, Stephen

Torts, Privacy, Remedies, Vicarious Liability

Roberts, Marcus
Company Law, Contract Law, Areas of Tort Law, mainly Vicarious Liability
Rosen, Arie Legal Philosophy, Hermeneutics, Social and Political Theory, Constitutional Law
Swain, Warren
Contract, Legal History, Remedies
Tobin, Rosemary

Defamation, Privacy, Accident Compensation, Tort, Defective building Liability, Limitation Issues

Watson, Susan
The Legal Relationship between Shareholders and Boards, the Role of the Board, Corporate Governance, the Liability of Company Directors and Professionals, the Relationship between Leadership and Governance, the Development of Internal Rules in Companies
Watts, Peter
Agency Law, Company Law, Law of Restitution
Wilberg, Hanna Administrative Law, Public Authority Liability, Treaty of Waitangi

Courses available

Undergraduate Courses in Contract, Torts, Equity and Other Private Law

LAW 131 - Legal Method

LAW 231 - Torts

LAW 241 - Contract
LAW 306 - Equity
LAWCOMM 426 - Law and IT
LAWCOMM 427 - Vendor and Purchaser
LAWCOMM 442 - Law and Personal Property
LAWCOMM 429 - Advanced Tort
LAWGENRL 422 - Women and the Law
LAWGENRL 427 - Equitable Remedies
LAWGENRL 432 - Healthcare Law
LAWGENRL 438 - Housing Law and Policy
LAWPUBL 450 - Public Authority Liability
LAWPUBL 453 - Privacy Law
Honours Courses in Contract, Torts, Equity and Other Private Law
LAWHONS 721 - Media Law
LAWHONS 722 - Medico-Legal Problems
LAWHONS 733 - Studies in Contract Law
LAWHONS 747 - Restitution
Postgraduate Courses in Contract, Torts, Equity and Other Private Law
LAWCOMM 720 - Law of Insurance Contracts
LAWCOMM 742 - Remedies Law