Constitutional, Administrative and Other Public Law

At the Faculty of Law public law research and teaching ranges across the full gamut of public law scholarship.

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There is a core group of public lawyers whose work covers both traditional constitutional and administrative law and the two main modern additions, namely study of the Bill of Rights and the Treaty of Waitangi. In addition, there is a wider grouping of staff that works in specialist fields such as local government and resource management, health and mental health law, and immigration and refugee law.

The faculty regularly attracts visits from leading international public law scholars and has hosted several conferences on aspects of public law in recent years, often in conjunction with the Legal Research Foundation.

Academic staff researchers and teachers

The following members of staff conduct teaching or research in the area of Constitutional, Administrative and Other Public Law:

Academic staff research areas

The following members of staff conduct research and postgraduate supervision in the area of Constitutional, Administrative and Other Public Law:

Name Field of Research
Charters, Claire
Indigenous Peoples' Rights in International and Constitutional Law
Erueti, Andrew
Treaty of Waitangi, Maori Land Law, Maori Customary Law, Human Rights and Indigenous Rights
Foster, Caroline Public Law, Public International Law
Harris, Bruce Public Law
Hood, Anna
Public and International Public Law, particularly Human Rights Law, the Law of Security and Disarmament
Ip, John Public Law, Bill of Rights
Kelsey, Jane
International Trade and Investment Agreements, Financial Crises, Neoliberalism, Policy and Regulation
McLean, Janet
The Public-Private Distinction, the Nature of the Crown, Bills of Rights, Bureaucratic Design, Public Contracting, Freedom of Information, the Nature of Unwritten Constitutions
Norton, Jane Constitutional Law and Legal theory, Discirmination Law, Religious Freedom, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of association, Charitable trusts, Voluntary associations and unincorporated societies
Rishworth, Paul Bill of Rights
Rosen, Arie Legal Philosophy. Hermeneutics, Social and Political Theory, Constitutional Law
Sanders, Katherine Land Law, Legal History
Stockley, Andrew
Constitutional Law Issues, including the Role of the Crown, Judicial Independence and Electoral Reform
Wilberg, Hanna Administrative Law, Public Authority Liability, Treaty of Waitangi

For staff working in the field of public international law, see also International and Comparative Law.

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Courses available

Undergraduate Courses
LAW 211 - Public Law
LAWENVIR 401 - Resource Management Law
LAWGENRL 428 - South Pacific Legal Studies 
LAWGENRL 432 - Healthcare Law
LAWGENRL 438 - Housing Law and Policy
LAWHONS 722AB - Medico-Legal Problems
LAWHONS 728 - Studies in Public Law
LAWHONS 746AB - Concepts in Law and Security
LAWPUBL 401 - Administrative Law (or alternatively in some years, LAWPUBL 426 - Judicial Review)
LAWPUBL 422 - Contemporary Tiriti/Treaty Issues
LAWPUBL 424 - Immigration and Refugee Law
LAWPUBL 425 - Employment Law
LAWPUBL 427 - Māori Land Law
LAWPUBL 428 - Rights and Freedoms 
LAWPUBL 429 - Law and Policy
LAWPUBL 433 - Statute Law 
LAWPUBL 436 - International Human Rights
LAWPUBL 450 - Public Authority Liability
LAWPUBL 451 - Counterterrorism Law and Policy 
Postgraduate Courses
LAWENVIR 713 - Mining, Energy and Natural Resources Law
LAWENVIR 719 - Environmental Rights
LAWENVIR 736 - Water Law and Policy
LAWPUBL 726 - Public International Law
LAWPUBL 744 - Special Topic: Vulnerable Adults ; Rights Protection in the Modern Age
LAWPUBL 745 - Constitutions and Customs in the South Pacific
LAWPUBL 749 - Indigenous Peoples: Law and Policy
LAWPUBL 751 - Special Topic: Comparative Human Rights

Recent research supervision topics

  • The Authority of Legislation and the Maori Seats in Parliament
  • The preventive detention of terrorist suspects
  • Narrowing the scope of the European Convention on Human Rights in the Control Order Cases
  • Review of Administrative Interpretations of Law in NZ and the US
  • Public Authorities, Systemic Failure and Personal Injury
  • Damages for breach of the right to life where public authorities have failed to use their powers to protect individuals against violence 
  • Swimming lessons, police negligence and the state: the developing relationship between tort and human rights in the United Kingdom
  • The Application of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and other Human Rights Treaties to Extraterritorial Military Operations
  • Sacrificial Land: The Inter-American Court of Human Rights' Evolutionary Interpretation, Extractive Industries and Indigenous Lands, Territories and Resources
  • Employment Preferences for M?ori in the Public Health Sector: Is M?ori descent a genuine occupational qualification?
  • A Case for a Parliamentary Human Rights Committee
  • Sites and Places of Significance and Value to Mana Whenua in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan: Justified Layers of Complexity or an Over-the-Top Approach?
  • Contagion, Containment, Consent: Infectious disease pandemics and the ethics, rights, and legality of state-enforced vaccination
  • Don't mourn for me, I'm already dead': Does the absolute prohibition on assisted suicide contravene the fundamental human rights to life, liberty and security?
  • The Meaning and Purpose of the Secular Clause in the 1877 Education Act
  • Standing Issues in the ECJ
  • EU integration and social welfare