Corporate and Commercial Law

The Auckland Law School, based as it is in New Zealand’s largest commercial centre, has long had private law and commercial law as one of its strengths.


We offer an LLM degree with a specialisation in Commercial Law, and a wide range of electives in that degree, and in the LLB and LLB(Hons) degrees. The courses in the LLM are taught by a combination of the Faculty’s permanent staff, staff of the Department of Commercial Law in the Faculty of Business and Economics, distinguished overseas academics, and senior law practitioners. Recent and current private law and commercial law courses are listed below. Links to the details of the teaching and research interests of the faculty’s permanent staff can also be found below.

Postgraduate study options

The faculty is home to the New Zealand Centre for Law and Business which has a primary goal of facilitating interdisciplinary research connecting law and business, with a strong focus on the interface between the two.

New Zealand Centre for Law and Business

Academic staff researchers and teachers

The following members of staff conduct teaching or research in the area of Corporate and Commercial Law.

Academic staff research areas

The following members of staff conduct research and postgraduate supervision in the area of Corporate and Commercial Law:

Name Field of Research
Dawson, Francis
Contract, Equity, Legal History
Elliffe, Craig
International Tax, Tax Avoidance, Tax Reform
Havelock, Rohan
Insurance Law, Equity and Equitable Remedies, Unjust Enrichment and Restitution, Private Law Taxonomy, Building and Construction Law
Hertogen, An
Regulation of Economic Activity by States, Financial Regulation, Competition Law, the Fair Trading Act
Kawharu, Amokura International Commercial Arbitration, Investment Arbitration, International Economic Regulation, International Disputes Settlement
Khouri, Nina
Mediation Law and Practice, Evidence, Advocacy, Negotiation Theory, Civil Justice, Contract Law, Professional Negligence, Insurance Law
Littlewood, Michael
Hong Kong Tax, Chinese Tax, International Tax, Comparative Tax, Tax Planning, Tax Policy, the Politics of Taxation, Tax History, Constitutional Aspects of Taxation
Noonan, Chris
International Competition Law, World Trade Organisation, Regional Economic Integration
Roberts, Marcus
Company Law, Contract Law, Areas of Tort Law, mainly Vicarious Liability
Scragg, Richard
Legal Method
Sumpter, Paul
Copyright, Trade Marks, Biotechnology and Patents, Confidential Information, Designs, Commercial Licensing of IP
Swain, Warren
Contract, Legal History, Remedies
Watson, Susan
The Legal Relationship between Shareholders and Boards, the Role of the Board, Corporate Governance, the Liability of Company Directors and Professionals, the Relationship between Leadership and Governance, the Development of Internal Rules in Companies
Watts, Peter Agency Law, Company Law, Law of Restitution

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Courses available

Undergraduate Courses

LAWCOMM 401 - Commercial Law
LAWCOMM 402 - Company Law
LAWCOMM 403 - Tax Law
LAWCOMM 404 - Intellectual Property
LAWCOMM 405 - Restitution
LAWCOMM 407 - Conflict of Laws
LAWCOMM 420 - Advanced Tax Law
LAWCOMM 421 - Commercial Arbitration
LAWCOMM 422 - Competition Law
LAWCOMM 423 - Company Liquidations
LAWCOMM 424 - Insurance Law
LAWCOMM 425 - International Trade 
LAWCOMM 426 - Law and Information Technology
LAWCOMM 427 - Vendor and Purchaser
LAWCOMM 430 - Law of Capital Markets
LAWCOMM 432 - Commercial Transactions
LAWCOMM 435 - European Commercial Litigation
LAWCOMM 440 - Guarantees and Indemnities
LAWCOMM 441 - Creditors Remedies
LAWCOMM 442 - Law of Personal Property
LAWCOMM 444 - Financial Markets Law
LAWCOMM 445 - Takeovers
LAWPUBL 425 - Employment Law
 Postgraduate Courses
COMMLAW 741 - International Tax
LAWCOMM 702 - International Arbitration
LAWCOMM 709 - Corporate Governance
LAWCOMM 711 - Commercial Equity
LAWCOMM 720 - Law of Insurance Contracts
LAWCOMM 731 - Special Topic: Cross Border Commercial Litigation
LAWCOMM 734 - Contemporary Free Trade Agreements
LAWCOMM 736 - Special Topic: Comparative Company Law
LAWCOMM 739 - Special Topic: International Commercial Contracts
LAWCOMM 742 - Remedies Law