Faculty of Law

Academic staff specialisations

Below is a list of all academic staff members and the areas in which they are usually able to offer research supervision.

Academic Staff

Specialisations Notes  

Bosselmann, Klaus


Global environmental constitutionalism;

International and Comparative Environmental Law;

Goverance of commons and markets;

NZ constitutional development;

Human rights and the environment;

Legal theory and jurisprudence.


Chamberlain, Nikki

Class actions and litigation funding;

Civil procedure;

Law of family property;

Privacy; defamation; intentional torts.


Charters, Claire


Treaty of Waitangi legal issues; Comparative law and indigenous issues, especially vis a vis NZ, Canada, USA, Australia;

International law and indigenous issues; Human rights and indigenous issues;

The relationship between indigenous customary law and mainstream law; Political theory and law relevant to Indigenous peoples;

Critical race theory;

Third world approaches to international law.


Cogliati-Bantz, Vincent

Law of the sea;

Public international law;

European union law;

International organisations;

Aspects of space law.


Dawson, Francis



Sale of Goods;

Sale of Land.


Devonshire, Peter


Equity (principles/theory);



Property (including personal property).



Doolin, Katherine

Restorative justice;

Criminal law and criminal justice;

Victimology; youth justice.


Dunworth, Treasa


Public International Law;

International Institutions;

International Peace and Security;

International Humanitarian Law; Disarmament;

South Pacific Legal Issues.


Elliffe, Craig





International taxation;

Corporate taxation;

Taxation of trusts and non-corporate entities;

Tax avoidance;

Tax reform including capital gains tax.


Erueti, Andrew



Foster, Caroline


Public international law; 

Public interests and private actors in international law;

National/international regulatory interfaces;

Trade and environment; investment and environment;

Oceans issues; science and international law;

International environmental law & harm to shared resources;

International dispute settlement


Grinlinton, David


Land law including indefeasibility issues;

Mining, energy and natural resources law;

Resource management including ‘sustainability’;

Commercial leases;

Housing law and policy.


Harris, Bruce


Constitutional law;

Administrative law


Havelock, Rohan


Equity; Unjust Enrichment; Restitution; Contract



Hertogen, An

International law;

International economic law;

Masters and Honours dissertations: Consumer law; competition law

Hodge, Bill Employment Law  
Hood, Anna

Public International Law; International Law and Security;

International Organisations; Refugee Law;

Immigration Law; Arms Control and Disarmament


Ip, John


Counterterrorism law and constitutionalism;

Comparative counterterrorism law; National security law;

Comparative constitutionalism;

NZ Bill of Rights Act;

Constitutional law

Law and Popular Culture


Kawharu, Amokura


Commercial arbitration (domestic, international);

Investment arbitration;

Investment law

Free trade agreements


Kelsey, Jane


Law and policy;

International trade and investment law issues;

Law and globalisation


Littlewood, Michael


Tax law and tax policy including international tax (for example, tax treaties);

Tax avoidance;

Tax history;

Political and constitutional aspects of taxation (for example, fiscal responsibility);

Tax competition;

Doctrinal analysis.


Manning, Jo

Treatment injury head of cover of ACC; 

Medical and health law, policy and ethics issues;

Negligence, especially medical negligence


McLean, Janet

Public-private distinction;

Damages in public law;

Judicial review of contracting; Application of public law to private bodies;

Public authority liability;

General administrative law;

Bill of Rights, especially institutional design questions and anti-discrimination law under Human Rights Act Part1A; EU public law;

Bureaucracy, and public management techniques;

Constitutional reform;

Comparative constitutionalism;

The nature of the Crown.

Noonan, Chris

Company Law;

Competition Law;

Economic regulation;

International trade and the WTO

Norton, Jane

Religious freedom; Freedom of expression; Associative Freedom;

Human Rights theory; NZ Bill of Rights; Charitable Trusts;

The Law of Trusts; Administrative Law


Optican, Scott


Evidence; Criminal Procedure; Police Powers; 

Bill of Rights  (criminal); Criminal Justice.


Paterson, Ron

Health law and policy; Regulation of health practitioners;

Patient safety and quality; Patient's rights;

The Health and Disability Commissioners complaint system.


Roberts, Marcus


Contract Law;

Company Law;

Torts Law


Rosen, Arie


Topics in general jurisprudence, including the rule of law, legal reasoning, legal authority, theories of rights, the concept of law;

Topics in philosophy of private law, including theories of contract and property;

Topics in legislation and statutory law, including democratic theory, separation of powers, judicial review, statutory interpretation


Roughan, Nicole

Topics in general jurisprudence, pluralist jurisprudence (including the interaction of state and non-state law, indigenous legal theory, theories of international law).

Topics in theories of authority and other topics at the intersection of legal and political theory (including justice, theories of recognition, and pluralism).


Sanders, Katherine


Land law including theories of property and property in land, land and human rights, public property;

Legal History, particularly New Zealand legal history.


Sumpter, Paul Intellectual property law.


Swain, Warren

English legal history, especially the history of contract law, tort law and unjust enrichment;

The history of legal literature; Legal biography;

English, New Zealand or Australian contract law;

The history of contract law in New Zealand.


Te Aho, Fleur


International law and indigenous peoples' rights;

Human rights law and indigenous peoples' rights; 

Treaty of Waitangi legal issues;

Criminal law and criminal justice



Tolmie, Julia


Criminal law and criminal justice;

Women and the law;

Feminist jurisprudence.


Watson, Susan


Company law;

Corporate governance


Watts, Peter QC


Company law; Equity; Restitution; Agency law;

Trusts; Securities.


Wilberg, Hanna


Administrative law;

Public authority liability;

NZ Bill of Rights Act, especially its operating principles;

Treaty of Waitangi;

Statutory Interpretation



Williams, David


Legal History – particularly English, colonial and New Zealand legal history

Public law issues – especially those concerned with the Treaty of Waitangi and also the role of “the Crown” in the constitution


Willis, Edward

Constitutional law

Administrative law

Competition law

Economic regulation