Team wins host of awards at Air Law Moot

24 October 2017
Air Law Moot team
From left: Fraser Gollogly, Edward Foley and Jack Garden

The fourth Australia New Zealand Air Law Moot (ANZALM) was held between 30 September and 2 October at the University of Adelaide in Adelaide.

The University of Auckland team consisted of Edward Foley, Jack Garden and Fraser Gollogly.  The team was coached by Hannah Reid and Nick Porter.  For the third year in a row, Auckland University reached the final round.  This year, the team finished as runner up to Macquarie University.   

The problem revolved around the crash of a suborbital passenger vehicle.  The team prepared submissions on whether those on board were personnel of a spacecraft, the definition of ‘launch state’ and whether space law applies to suborbital vehicles.  Competitor Jack Garden remarked “The problem this year was particularly interesting; it really brings to the forefront how inappropriate the entire space law regime is for anything but State space travel”.   

While in Adelaide, the team was fortunate enough to be able to attend the final of the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot, held days before the ANZALM.  Attending the final provided an excellent opportunity to witness a similar intentional moot, and provided the team with an idea of what was to come.

Auckland mooted four times in the preliminary rounds, appearing before distinguished practitioners and academics in aviation and space law.  For the third time in as many years, Auckland were selected to participate in the final.  The final was a rematch of Auckland’s final round, appearing as the respondent against Macquarie University. Ultimately, the judges favoured the applicant’s submissions and declared Macquarie University the winner.  However, the team picked up a host of awards.  Ed Foley won best speaker in the final, Jack Garden won best speaker in the general rounds and the team was awarded best respondent memorial.

The team attributes its success to extensive practice in Auckland.  Competitor Fraser Gollogly remarked “We are incredibly grateful to the Auckland mooting community.  Despite having under two weeks between handing in written memorials and going to Adelaide, our coaches were able to schedule multiple practice moots with successful practitioners and mooters”.

The team thanks Professor Andrew Stockley, Dean of Law at the Auckland Law School for his support.  Furthermore, the team thanks Gretta Schumacher, Michael Greenop, Kyle Simonsen, Jovana Nedeljkov and Jack Davies.