Faculty Awards for Research Excellence

25 May 2017
Craig Elliffe
Craig Elliffe
Janet McLean
Janet McLean
Rohan Havelock
Rohan Havelock

Congratulations to Professor Craig Elliffe, Senior Lecturer Rohan Havelock and Professor Janet McLean, who have been recognised with Faculty Awards for their research.

Professor Janet McLean received a Faculty Award for Research Excellence for her outstanding contribution in the field of public law.

Janet’s book Searching for the State in British Legal Thought (CUP 2012) has been described in the Harvard Law Review as a “comprehensive and multidisciplinary work”, noting that it draws on political theory, legal doctrine, and intellectual history in its examination of British conceptions of the State.

This rich complexity and depth, characteristic of all of her large and wide-ranging body of work, has earned Janet an international reputation as an outstanding scholar.  The book, for instance, was the subject of a symposium at Oxford that involved a roll call of Oxford public lawyers and constitutional theorists.  Recognition has also included the Legal Research Foundation’s 2013 prize for the best law book published by a New Zealand author, and a long series of international speaking invitations.  One recent invitation was to contribute to a special issue of the renowned International Journal of Constitutional Law.

Janet has a new book with Dame Alison Quentin-Baxter, This Realm of New Zealand: The Sovereign, The Governor-General, The Crown due to be published by Auckland University Press this year.

Aside from her own research, Janet is also a champion for research in the faculty and the university. She has mentored many emerging researchers, has been instrumental in helping several colleagues win major research grants and has facilitated visits by internationally renowned scholars such as, most recently, Professors Tom Poole (LSE), Jerry Mashaw (Yale) and Alan Page (Dundee).

Professor Craig Elliffe also received a Faculty Award for Research Excellence in recognition of his ground-breaking study of New Zealand’s international tax regime.

Craig’s book International and Cross Border Taxation in New Zealand (2015) received critical acclaim in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and was awarded the JF Northey Prize by the Legal Research Foundation for the best law book published in New Zealand in 2015.

His articles have appeared in leading international refereed journals including the British Tax Review and the Australian Tax Forum and he is a member of the Permanent Scientific Committee of the International Fiscal Association, the only New Zealander appointed in 80 years. Last year he was awarded a PhD from Cambridge University.

Most recently, Craig’s research has been shortlisted for the Frans Vanistendael 2017 Award for International Tax Law. This is one of just 6 research papers nominated for the world’s best international tax research.

Senior Lecturer Rohan Havelock received an Early Career Research Excellence Award in recognition of his outstanding research profile for an early career law academic.

Rohan is a contributing editor of Colinvaux’s Law of Insurance in New Zealand, the major New Zealand text on this subject. His research outputs span diverse fields of private law including Equity, Unjust Enrichment, Contract, Insurance Law, and Building and Construction Law.

His articles have been published in some of the leading refereed journals in the Commonwealth, including the Journal of Equity, Restitution Law Review, Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly, King's Law Journal, Insurance Law Journal, and NZ Universities Law Review. 

His recent article "A Taxonomic Approach to Quantum Meruit" was published in the prestigious Law Quarterly Review. Rohan has been invited to present papers at prestigious conferences and seminars, including the Institute of Judicial Studies, the University of Otago and the NZ Law Society.

All three awards will be formally bestowed on the recipients at the Auckland Law School Awards next year.