Peter Kiely Honoured

26 January 2017
Peter Kiely


Peter Kiely, a senior partner at Kiely Thompson Caisley, received the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to New Zealand’s interests in the Pacific and fostering growth and business in the region.

Says Teaching Fellow Bill Hodge: “The Law School is especially pleased that graduate Peter Kiely has received the well-deserved New Zealand Order of Merit.  Peter has worked tirelessly for economic development, especially shipping, in the Pacific Islands, and has achieved significant success in facilitating islands’ self-sufficiency.  There is no doubt that the strength of his career achievements, across the board, has been a cooperative approach and it is most appropriate that he is Chair of the Pacific Cooperation Foundation.

“Of course, amongst the profession in Auckland he is known as a leader of the employment law bar. He is called upon by the Courts as amicus curiae or an expert in such matters as the relationship between taxation and awards of compensation, and the standard of notice in employment agreements.  He is widely respected in the Courts, at every level.

“Those who know, first hand, of his work in his field know that his approach to resolving employment law disputes has the best chance of reaching those nearly impossible “win-win” outcomes. Over the years, many such disputes have been resolved by Peter’s cooperative, facilitative approach, with benefits for all parties.

“He has for nearly 20 years supported the courses in Employment Law at the law school by establishing and subsidizing the Kiely Thompson Caisley Employment Law Moot, year after year.  The moot has been an attraction for students in the course, to gain unique hands-on experience.  Peter’s firm has generously provided a significant cash prize, and associates and partners in the firm have always given up their evenings to judge the preliminary rounds.  The repute of the Prize, and the quality of the mooting is such that the judges of the Employment Court, led by the Chief Judge, Graeme Colgan have always been willing to volunteer to sit and to hear the final competition, with a “full Court” of Peter and/or his partners.

“The Law School congratulates Peter, and takes some pride in the recognition of his many contributions, both to the Pacific and to the profession, and as a member of the University Council.”