A Lawyer's Life

21 October 2014
A Lawyer's Life

Auckland Law School alumna, Rosena Sammi, has launched a website and digital newsletter that explores the fascinating things that lawyers and former lawyers do with their degrees, both inside and outside the law.

She says "A Lawyer’s Life is an online community that examines the challenges and opportunities female lawyers face. While more than 40% of law graduates today are women, less than 20% ever see equity partnership. A Lawyer’s Life is here to move the dialogue in a different direction, to showcase the creative ways women use their law degrees and inspire our readers to effect positive change at work and at home. We go straight to the source to present in-depth interviews with lawyers who love their jobs, former lawyers who have found success and happiness in other pursuits, and mentors you wish you had."

Read her first interview with Judge Faith Hochberg click here

Forthcoming interviews:

  • Louise Firestone, General Counsel, LVMH
  • Joshua Bayliss, CEO, Virgin Group
  • Lesley Rosenthal, General Counsel, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
  • Anna Neistat, Senior Director for Research, Amnesty International