Outstanding Meredith Connell Greg Everard Memorial Mooting Competition Final

27 August 2014
Greg Everard Moot 2014
Top row – L to R – Rohan Havelock, Madeleine Everard, Dr Stockley, Frances Everard, Scott Optican. Bottom row – L to R – Rosa Polaschek, Ian Ko, Caitlin Hollings (winner), Justice Murray Gilbert, Brierley Penn, Mark Harborow, Brian Dickey

The 2014 Meredith Connell Greg Everard Memorial Mooting Competition has been won by fifth year law student, Caitlin Hollings.

Held at the Auckland High Court on the evening of 20 August, the Final was presided over by Hon. Justice Murray Gilbert.  Fittingly, Justice Gilbert attended law school with, and later worked alongside, the late Greg Everard.

The Greg Everard Memorial Mooting Competition is sponsored by Meredith Connell and was established in memoriam of Greg Everard, an alumnus of the Auckland Law School and a leading barrister. Greg joined Kensington Swan in 1993 and specialised in civil litigation. He excelled in the discipline of mooting.

The four finalists in this year’s moot, Rosa Polaschek, Caitlin Hollings, Brierley Penn and Ian Ko, were selected from contestants participating in preliminary rounds, judged by Rohan Havelock (Faculty of Law), Brian Dickey (Meredith Connell) and Mark Harborow (Meredith Connell).

With an audience of fellow law students, friends, family, Faculty of Law staff and members of the Everard family, the finalists faced a difficult moot problem concerning breaches of directors’ fiduciary duties in a context of a company nearing insolvency, as well as third party liability for receipt of company assets.  The final was closely contested, and it was clear that very little separated the performances of all finalists.

Since its establishment in 2003 — through the generosity of Greg's family, friends and colleagues — the Everard Memorial Moot has enabled competitors to test their advocacy skills in hypothetical civil litigation. The final of the Moot continues to attract large numbers of Greg's colleagues and friends — as well as students from the Faculty of Law.