Ian Narev speaks at Auckland University Law Review Symposium

01 October 2013
AULR Symposium
Ian Narev (centre) with members of AULR and Faculty.

On Monday 23 September, the Auckland University Law Review (AULR) held its annual Symposium and Alumni Dinner to celebrate the past and present achievements of the Law Review. The theme of this year’s Symposium was “Banking Regulation in the Current Financial Climate”.

Speaking to a crowded audience in the Stone lecture theatre, the Symposium began with an opening address by Chief High Court Judge The Honourable Justice Helen Winkelmann, this year’s Symposium Chair and a Co-Editor-in-Chief of the AULR in 1984. Justice Winkelmann praised the value and vision of the AULR, as an initiative that aspires to identify and nurture original thinkers by publishing student work that brings fresh and innovative perspectives to emerging issues.

Ian Narev, Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Commonwealth Bank and a Co-Editor-in-Chief of the AULR in 1990, was the highly anticipated guest speaker of this year’s Symposium. Reflecting on his perspective as an actor in the dynamic environment of the banking sector, Ian presented a compelling vision of regulation that is both able to balance a desire to encourage healthy risk-taking by companies on the one hand with the need for decision-makers to be held accountable to long-term goals on the other.

The Alumni Dinner was held at the Northern Club and followed the conclusion of the Symposium. The Dinner featured an address by Alan Galbraith QC, who reflected on his experience as one of the two founding Co-Editors-in-Chief of the AULR in 1967. The AULR team and its contributors had the unique opportunity to speak with AULR alumni, which features an impressive group of practitioners, judges and academics.

The AULR was founded in 1967 and has a proud tradition of showcasing the best undergraduate work produced at the Law School. The journal is edited and published entirely by students. This year’s AULR includes two papers from the 2012 Symposium, a special feature from Lord Phillips about the United Kingdom Supreme Court, and articles on topics ranging from legal history to company contracting.

Nupur Upadhyay and Thom Clark, the 2013 Co-Editors-in-Chief would like to acknowledge and thank Dr Michael Littlewood and John Ip for their invaluable advice, the Faculty of Law for its ongoing support and the 2013 AULR team for their hard work.




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