Professor Jane Kelsey talks on International Trade Law and Tobacco

02 September 2012


Professor Jane Kelsey gave a public lecture entitled ‘International Trade law and Tobacco’ on Thursday 9th August at the University’s Gus Fisher Gallery. It arose from research she has been undertaking which has funded by New Zealand Tobacco Tobacco Control Research Tūranga - a national programme of research to inform rapid smoking prevalence reduction. Her lecture was attended by 60 representatives from New Zealand’s public and private health and legal sectors and focused on trade and investment law issues relating to proposed tobacco control policies seeking to achieve an essentially smokefree Aotearoa New Zealand by 2025.

In her lecture Professor Kelsey discussed her recent report examining the recommendations of the Māori Affairs Committee Inquiry into the impacts of tobacco use for Māori and the Government’s response to its recommendations in adopting the Smokefree 2025 policy. Both recognise the need for more assertive and innovative public health policies to achieve the smokefree goal. Professor Kelsey’s report identifies the legal issues arising from what might be raised in opposition to those policies and explains how they might play out in light of disputes and industry interventions in other countries.