WTO Legal Affairs Director gives breakfast roundtable talk

08 July 2012

Valerie Hughes, Director of the Legal Affairs Division at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) visited Auckland on Wednesday 4 July en route to Wellington for a keynote presentation at the annual conference of the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law. Valerie is formerly a senior partner at Gowlings Lafleur Henderson LLP, having served prior to this as the Director of the WTO Appellate Body Secretariat. Previously she worked for 22 years with the Canadian Government in roles including the Assistant Deputy Minister at the Department of Finance, and General Counsel of the Trade Law Division at Foreign Affairs. Valerie addressed a breakfast roundtable with croissants and coffee provided by the Faculty. She spoke on the subject of the success of the WTO dispute settlement system, providing also a briefing and update on current issues of interest to participants such as the European Union aviation emissions carbon levies, China's export restraints on rare earths, and technical barriers to trade faced by the New Zealand dairy industry. The talk was attended by staff and senior students from the Faculty of Law, the Department of Commercial Law, the International Law Association, the private sector, and other faculties with an an interest in trade law or globalisation and international economic policy, including Arts and Business. We are grateful to the New Zealand Law Foundation for bringing Valerie to Auckland, and enabling her to stop in Auckland.