Comprehensive guide to company law

01 December 2011

From left: Chris Hare, the Rt Hon Justice Blanchard, Neil Campbell, Professor Peter Watts

A major company law text by academics at the Auckland Law School has been launched in association with Shortland Chambers.

Company Law in New Zealand by Professor Peter Watts, barrister Neil Campbell (formerly an associate professor) and senior lecturer Christopher Hare is published by LexisNexis.

Written for students and practitioners it deals comprehensively with the principles of company law in this country, focusing on the law affecting companies registered under the Companies Act 1993. There is also commentary and guidance on directors’ duties, shareholders’ rights and remedies, accounts, audits and records, and mergers, takeovers and acquisitions.

Speaking at the launch function on 24 November, the Rt Hon Justice Blanchard congratulated the three authors on their “splendid text”. It would “rank with any book on the subject of company law you will find in your libraries”.

He predicted the book would “sell well and I would be surprised if it is not often cited judicially with admiration, both in this country and elsewhere”.

There was “a very careful analysis” of key provisions in the 1993 Act, said Justice Blanchard, “highlighting problem areas where there is uncertainty, setting out alternative readings and expressing a preference, and often suggesting useful reforms or how a particular reading could avoid or reduce a problem.

“Counsel and judges will, as a result of the work of the authors, be much better equipped to confront the problems which need to be addressed and will be made aware of the choices open as solutions to the drafting infelicities.”

Company Law in New Zealand costs $171.35 (including GST, freight and handling). It is available from the Auckland District Law Society bookstore, 2 Chancery Street (, University Bookshop, and online sellers including