First doctoral scholarship winners

22 November 2011


The two inaugural winners of the NZ Law Foundation’s Doctoral Scholarship (in Law), Aline Jäckel and Bridgette Toy-Cronin, have University of Auckland connections.

The scholarship, valued at $35,000 a year for up to three years, aims to encourage postgraduate study and legal research for the benefit of New Zealand’s legal system.

Aline Jäckel, a graduate of Leiden University in the Netherlands, is to undertake her doctorate in international environmental law at the Auckland Law School. Supervised by Dr Caroline Foster and Professor Klaus Bosselmann she will research issues around an ecologically sustainable legal regime of marine biological diversity in the oceans.

Aline aims to help create a comprehensive legal protection for shared marine resources, drawing on New Zealand sustainable management examples. Her study will propose alternatives to structural aspects of the international legal system.

Bridgette Toy-Cronin, a Law School graduate, will study unrepresented litigants in New Zealand civil courts at the University of Otago. Her study will examine characteristics of unrepresented civil litigants – how many there are, who they are and why they are not represented – as well as changes that could help them to be accommodated better.

Bridgette went from Auckland to Harvard to undertake an LLM. She has worked in legal practice in New Zealand and Australia, as well as providing legal advice to a women’s rights team in Cambodia and to the Government prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal in Rwanda.