$125,000 fellowship to Chris Hare

21 November 2011


Law School senior lecturer Christopher Hare has won the NZ Law Foundation’s 2011 International Research Fellowship, New Zealand’s premier legal research award.

The annual award, worth $125,000, supports research either in this country or overseas that aims to make a significant contribution to New Zealand law.

His research will be published in a book, Banks in the Conflict of Laws, and will cover legal issues arising from international banking operations. It will deal with three broad areas: the intersection between international banking regulation and the conflict of laws; conflict of laws problems around the bank-customer relationship; and legal problems around bank payment systems and recovery of mistaken payments.

The book will shed light on issues that often come to court but have received little academic treatment. Banks are often involved in significant litigation where conflict of laws issues are raised – the book will fill a gap in detailed analysis of how conflict of law principles operate on bank payment instruments and the banker-customer relationship.

His study is especially timely given efforts to produce a coordinated response to the global financial meltdown, which has highlighted the inter-connectedness of domestic banking systems.

Christopher is a graduate of Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard. His specialty teaching and research areas include banking law and international sales and finance, company and insolvency law, conflict of laws, and law of obligations.