The Faculty of Law in partnership with Deakin Law School (Australia) host the Corporate Sustainability Symposium 2017 Event as iCalendar

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01 June 2017 - 02 June 2017

9am - 5pm

Venue: Old Government House

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The Faculty of Law in partnership with Deakin Law School, Melbourne are hosting the Corporate Sustainability and the Long Term Interests of the Company Symposium.

“Corporate sustainability” is defined by the United Nations Global Compact (GCP) as starting with a company’s value system and a principled approach to doing business, wherever a company has a presence. According to the GCP, the rationales for adopting a corporate culture of integrity and business strategies, policies and procedures that meet minimum standards in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption is to set the stage for long-term success.  Scholarly and commercial evidence supporting a positive relationship between corporate sustainability and long term financial performance has strengthened over the last decade. But is this relationship broadly accepted by corporate leaders in New Zealand and Australia? And where are companies in the “lands down under” on the sustainability journey? 

Our Forum explores the myriad challenges and issues faced by corporations and their many communities of influence in an emerging landscape calling for business models that are sustainable and in the long-term interests of corporations. It encourages presenters and attendees to discuss the pressing legal and practical issues faced by corporations today as they transition to an environment that demands more inclusive and longer term strategies and business decision making. These developments require a very careful modern reformulation of what is legally meant by “the interests of the company”. 

The pressing issues associated with the Forum theme include, but are not limited to:

• Corporate governance reforms

• The role of company boards

• Responsive dialogue with stakeholders and the broader community

• Risk management

• Effective company reporting

• Business and human rights

• Corporate action on climate change

We trust that the 2-day Forum will enable ample time for all these issues, and more, to be debated, discussed and analysed in depth.

Speakers will include:

Presenters Name of Paper
Professor Paul Redmond Assessing the UN framework on business and Human Rights as a regulatory model to secure corporate sustainability
Professor Florencio Lopez-de Silanes Law and Finance "What have we learnt and what is missing?"

Professor Jean du Plessis, Deakin University


Sustainability, integrated thinking and integrated reporting: Integral parts of the long term interest of the company
Professor Gill North, Deakin University Corporate sustainability risk management and reporting in Australia and New Zealand: Where are we and what could we do better?
Professor Susan Watson, Auckland Law School The Corporation as a Sustainable Entity
Dr Mark Bowler-Smith, University of Auckland Corporate Competitiveness and the Environment: Towards a 'Win-Win' Scenario
Dr Alice Klettner, University of Technology, Sydney The Roles of Stewardship Codes in the Pursuit of Corporate Sustainability
Helen Dervan, Auckland University of Technology The regulation of New Zealand financial markets: sustainability through reform
Heida Donegan, Kensington Swan Corporate Governance in China: Development, Sustainbility and New Horizons
Professor Julie Cassidy, University of Auckland "Frankstein Incorporated" v Social Citizen.  The Role of Corporate Social Responsiblity and Corporate Sustainability in New Zealand Corporate Governance
Dr Rosemary Langford, University of Melboure Directors’ Duties and Corporate Sustainability – The Increasing Importance of the Duty of Care
Associate Professor Chris Noonan, University of Auckland “Influentiality: Understanding the Role of Corporate Board” 
Associate Professor Liliana Erakovic, University of Auckland Boards of directors: Managing stakeholder relationships
George Dawson, Judges Clerk "The best interest of the company": Fundamental duty or fruitless enquiry?