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About the Centre

The New Zealand Centre for ICT Law is a specialist centre which investigates, studies and considers the implications of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) within the context of law, technological developments and its impact upon society. It also:

a)   Serves as a focus for promoting and undertaking research into the interface between law and new communications technologies.

b)   Studies the implications of new communications technologies upon law and the policy that informs legal outcomes.

The Centre allows students, faculty, researchers, lawyers, ICT specialists and companies in the computer and digital communications fields, along with entrepreneurs and technology and software developers, to work together to identify the legal ramifications surrounding the challenges and opportunities of cyberspace. To this end the Centre engages with other disciplines such as Computer Science, the Departments of Computer Studies offered by the University of Auckland's School of Business and the Social Sciences Departments of the Faculty of Arts so that studies and research are developed in an holistic manner that will properly recognise the legal, technical and societal implications of outcomes.

We are an information hub to develop resources to assist in crystallising and ensuring legal certainty for business and commercial activity in the online space. Another of our functions is to develop specialist teaching in the field of ICT law and we are currently developing a masters programme which will allow for deeper and more developed study of specific aspects of law and ICT.

Finally, the Centre is designed to develop and promote publications in the field of Law and ICT.

Our people

David harvey

The Director of the Centre is Dr David Harvey, a former Judge of the District Court well known for his expertise in the area of law and information technology and the author of the leading textbook on law and online systems – Selected Issues now in its fourth edition.

Phone: +64-(0)9- 923-6629

Our director

What's coming up

Numerous events are held in Auckland by the Centre including conferences, lectures and seminars. To be notified by email of upcoming events, please email


Dr David Harvey has written extensively in the field of law and information technology. A full list of publications can be found under his profile in the link below.


Contact us

For more information, contact the Director, Dr David Harvey, at the Auckland Law School.

Phone: +64-(0) 9 923-6629

Postal address:
Auckland Law School
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